Offshore : the best hosting site

You want to create a website with which you will be free to express yourself without risking closure. Know that Offshore hosting is a good option. This is a service that allows you to secure your site and also helps you request your anonymity. The content of this article introduces you to what offshore hosting is and its different sites.

What is offshore hosting ?

Offshore web hosting is a service that allows you to access servers also based in Offshore ie outside the scope of the local territorial administration. This service offers you many features and several advantages. There is also a epyc dedicated server that can help you configure your data. With Offshore, the administrator will be able to remain anonymous. Payment options leaving no trace. Also your subscribers can pay in cash or through Offshore payment methods also like Bitcoin.

Some Offshore hosting sites


CCI Hosting has been the leader in offshore web hosting since 2002. It is a site specializing in web hosting solutions for privacy. It allows private domain registration, offshore vps, offshore hosting, offshore dedicated server as well as offshore colocation. This is a better option for customers who want improved privacy. Note that the service is billed at $ 7.5 per month.

Curacao Webhosting

Curacao Webhosting is one of the best anonymous offshore web hosts. It has super fast SSD servers which are designed for demanding gaming companies. WPS servers are located in Curacao and can be customized to suit your needs. Gambling servers are reserved for licensed Curaçao casinos and come with an installation fee of € 500 to cover legal costs. The monthly subscription to Curacao Webhosting is $ 29.95.


For years, SecureHost has provided premium hosting solutions to businesses who are concerned about data entry or loss of privacy. Their cloud and dedicated hosting solutions give you high level privacy. With this hosting site, you will enjoy data security. Speaking of their servers, they are located in data centers in the Bahamas and Bermuda. SecureHost is governed by the strict e-commerce laws of these two nations. Indeed, continued computer use and data protection make Bermuda and the Bahamas safe and stable places to host even the most critical applications. The monthly price is $ 160.


Located in Malaysia, Shinjinu has been a # 1 ranked offshore web hosting provider for over 20 years. This is a site that aims to ensure the protection of privacy. Shinjinu is one of the most experienced web hosting companies in the world. They have eight offshore sites with their own Anti-DDOS Attack network. Shinjinu takes care of all your web services 24/7. As for the subscription, it is set at $ 3.90 per month.