The four values displayed by a candlestick in trading


Mastering the different values displayed by a candlestick is the basis for success in trading. What are the values displayed by a candlestick in trading? What is the purpose of these readings? Read this article to learn more about the subject.

The high and low

In trading, there are cues that help one trade better. A trader who does not know these cues cannot be successful in trading. This is an important criteria to consider. One of the clues to look for in trading to be successful is the candlestick. The candlestick gives you the means to understand what is happening in the market. You can understand how the candlestick works from the values that are displayed. You have the top. The top of the candlestick shows that the price is high during a given period. This shows you that you have the advantage of investing. The bottom expresses the opposite. It is the lowest price reached. So you can measure your risk by doing these analyses. You can check out the candlestick patterns on PatternsWizard.

The open

The open also called the opening is one of the values that characterize a candlestick. It is a criterion to consider, just like the top and bottom. The open orients you to the first traded price in a period. It gives you a clear view of things in trading. It is an advantage to focus on these criteria, as it is important to analyze the market and set up a strategy.

The Close

The close is the opposite of the open in trading. It orients you to the last traded cost during the period. These are criteria that allow you to trade well without making commonplace mistakes. This is why they are basic criteria in trading. It is important to use them.