The new generation of the England cricket team

The England cricket team represents several countries in cricket internationally. These include England and Wales. In 1997, England and Wales governed the Cricket Board (BCE). On January 25, 2021, England have a total of 1030 Test matches, including 376 wins, 305 losses and 349 draws.

English cricket: more questions than answers

 During this winter, English cricket became the laughingstock of world cricket. Indeed, the men’s, women’s and A teams did not win any victories despite the sequences of matches. They combine 14 defeats of 19 games with five draws and were literally humiliated. It’s obvious they need advice to improve the level of play for a good production at the collective level. The suite of Ashes are in full swing and the week is more or less busy at the headquarters of the ECB. The federation run Director of Cricket, Ashley Giles, Head Coach, Chris Silverwood and Battsman Coach Graham Thorpe. Only general manager Tom Harrison was able to keep his job.

The first question that swirls in the heads of fans who have endured a difficult winter is what the future holds for English cricket. As a solution approach, there is Andrew Strauss who replaces his teammate Giles on an interim basis. It represents indeed, a pair of safe hands to rebuild the wreckage produced by its predecessor.

What changes have been made?

To do this, they opted for drastic solutions, thus, the federation dismisses eight players. But, there are two names that have left fans puzzled. These are naturally the two best throwers in the history of England. Alone, James Anderson and Stuart Broad total 1,177 wickets. However, they were not selected for the next tour. For some, the cause is that the Ashes suffered a painful 4-0 losing streak. Now, England must move forward without its veterans.