Two important things you need to know about the human body

The human body is one of the most studied subjects. In order to find solutions against diseases or to understand the human body alone, thousands of dollars have been invested every year in research. Although the research is still going on, we have managed to learn some very interesting facts about the human body.

The most powerful muscle in the human body.

Which muscle do you think is the most powerful in the human body? If you have been thinking about the muscles of the head or the foot or maybe the Diaphragm muscle, then you are wrong. The strongest muscle we have in our body had not been located in the mouth, as is widely believed today. That is a really strong received idea and unfortunately not the only you can learn very verified fact on this website No, the tongue is not the most powerful muscle in the body. The muscle that earns this award has been situated a lot more down below. And it is the buttock muscle that is in fact the most powerful in the body. And we owe it a lot.

A very powerful control tower.

Although it is not the biggest or heaviest, the human brain is capable of doing wonders. It is permanently protected by the bones of the skull and constantly immersed in a liquid called cerebrospinal fluid. A very organized organ, the brain has somehow divided its tasks according to zones. Depending on the area that is solicited, the brain takes care of the memory by storing the memories and the formations. It is thanks to the brain that you can feel emotions and be aware of the world around you by the sense of touch, vision, taste, or smell. Very useful for your body to be able to work efficiently, a simple malfunction in the brain depending on the part affected can greatly handicap you. A problem with the part of your brain that deals with your memory, and you can end up with Alzheimer.