Health - Guinea experiences Ebola outbreak
Guinea experiences Ebola outbreak
Guinea has confirmed new Ebola cases in part of its country. There are currently fears that the virus might spread to other places in Guinea and its surrounding countries. The previous Ebola outbreak in 2014-2016 led to hundreds of deaths in the country.  The outbreak led to the production of two...
Health - Russia sends satellite to the arctic
Russia sends satellite to the arctic
Earlier this week, Russia sent a space satellite named Arktika-M to the far-flung, cold Arctic region. The satellite will reportedly watch and note the weather and environmental patterns of the area.  The satellite is part of Russia’s plan to increase its economic activities in the Arctic...
Health - Why choose dating sites?
Why choose dating sites?
Dating sites as a meeting place. You know that there are people who are naturally shy. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, these people mostly have a hard time holding a conversation that is in the direction of love. This article explains how dating sites work and why to use them. What is a dating...